TECH UPDATE - Sentry Control Bar


This tech update is regarding a change in the spec of the Sentry bar end screws. 

The Sentry V1 bar end screws secure the rear lines to the end cap of the control bar.  Due to the location and function of this part, we recommend replacing the existing bar end screws with a new size to prevent the screws from backing out or loosening.  The current screw spec is 3.1mm, and the updated screw spec is 3.2mm (0.1mm diameter increase).  This new screw spec ensures the locking of the screw to the internal plug of the bar end cap.


Our vendor is aware of this issue and has rectified the situation on all future inventory.  We will provide replacement bar end screws free of charge.  We recommend changing the screws on all current Sentry bar stock.



To order the correct bar end screws, contact our Customer Service team at with the quantity needed and your shipping address.

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